Bill Koh & Family Charity

Step by step, pass love out

Over the years, we have continued to deepen this idea in this land. After many children and young people who have been helped, they will become a force of love and help more people.

Let life affect life, endless life, and make the world better because of our existence. This is our mission and our expectations.

Continue to work hard to create more happiness for this land. Once started, it will not end. Along the way, the original intention of the embrace, the belief that has been upheld has never changed.

Through these people who help the economic life to get out of poverty, help the disadvantaged children to get food and clothing and education opportunities, and provide an environment for the elderly to rest and maintain. It is hoped that those who are also kind-hearted will spread this kind of good power and health knowledge to help more people in need.


Our Philosophy

Many years ago, somebody told me a quote which has pretty much become the way I live my life:

Success and happiness are not determined by how much you earn, how much materialistic things you have; it is determined by how much you give, how many people you bring happiness to.

Many might say that you can’t help everyone in the world, that is true, I can’t help everyone, however, I shall try my best to help those in need, starting from now. I will be really straight about my goal:

I want to help those in need, I would like to give back to the society which has helped me become who I am today, which has given me my today.

Over the years, I have realized that many people are not as fortunate as I am, and I have the ability to help them, hence Bill Koh & Family Foundation is set up…...


Bill Koh Chan Guan (胡財騵)

Bill Koh (Koh Chan Guan) believes in giving back to the society and has set up Bill Koh & Family Foundation in 2010

Bill is a technology entrepreneur, with over 30 years of IT experience. He has founded the Bill Koh & Family Foundation. This foundation helps the needy in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Vietnam.

Charity Manager

Jay Hoo

Meet Jay Hoo, who works closely with the founder of this foundation, he coordinates all our charity events in Malaysia. He dedicates his everyday life to helping those in need.

Furthermore, he visits the elderly homes and orphanages to better understand their needs, and how the foundation can provide a better quality of life for them. In addition to this, he personally delivers everything, from food to diapers to any other everyday necessity you could think of.